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Welcome to Irish websites the core of our range of dedicated Irish information search websites; the objective is to provide you with an easy method of finding Irish Websites and online information about almost any subject to do with the Irish or Ireland.

Here you can go straight into a general search for websites about Ireland or the Irish.

But please pause a while and read why we have created specific Irish websites search :

All search engines have an inherent weakness, that of being as good as the information as they are given; be it the search engines directory from the households names like goggle or yahoo to the local topic specific search websites, they are all dependant upon the information provided by the website owner. As there is room for only so much information input, this means that key words will be the trigger for a successful end user search result. An Irish website search using your specific search terms may miss out many Irish websites and relevant information if you rely upon a non dedicated website search.
So Please make use our specific Irish websites search as they are produced for our Irish readers needs. Our first such specific Irish website is the totally dedicated Irish ancestry search Irish website, there you can search for and among online information solely about your Irish ancestry.

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: Irish Ancestors Search For information about Irish Genealogy, Irish families, Irish Clans
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